If you would like a high quality and eco friendly  toiletries range  SPA& HEBS is the perfect choise of you.  enjoi the benefits of Lime and Mint 

SPA& HERBS Shampoo, 35ml for daily balancing and all hair types. Enriched with ingredients  for healthy and vibrant hair,  deep nourishment and hydration. 


Body wash SPA& HERBS, 35mlThe ideal moisturising with refreshing twist of mint and lime that will make your skin temptingly soft, aromatic and will enlace you in an irresistible aura. 


Body cream SPA& HERBS, 35ml Herbs  scents of the fresh mint and lime for irresistible charm! Deep moisturizing body cream  with beta-glucans enriched with almond  oil and shea butter will leave your skin soft and obsessively fragrant.



Conditioner SPA& HERBS, 35ml suitable for all hair types. Enriched with milk for healthy and vibrant hair  for deep nourishment and hydration.

SPA& Herbs collection
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