The relationship between good oral hygiene and healthy body may not be obvious, but dentists say that deep, proper dental care, washing and professional teeth cleaning can help people with chronic diseases to prevent infections.

Motivated to provide the best health care, we have created the following products for the treatment of the mouth.

• mouthwash, WHITE-POWER 30ml provides whitening your teeth and fresh breath. Active ingredients help to gentle teeth whitening and removal of stains.

• toothpaste, WHITENING ACTIVE + 7g-choice of active ingredients for long lasting natural teeth whitening. Baking bread in the toothpaste gently removes and neutralizes aggressive acid attack. Lower pH leads to a build up of dental caries.

• toothbrush, ACTIVE &Whitening; small piece – use some toothpaste in combination with the new small toothbrush-the result is professional cleaning, protecting and polishing of the teeth, and gentle care for tongues.

Clinical and laboratory-tested products, manufactured in accordance with GMP

Without allergens.

Produced in partnership with AROMA AD

Children aged 6 years or less: use a size of a pea under controlled brushing to minimize swallowing.

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