PROMOPACK LTD is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of luxury hotel amenities-luxury products for personal hygiene and facilities for guests with the highest quality. The concept enshrined in our series about personal hygiene and accessories follows the modern trends in the development of these products.


• The company's products are refined and natural, eco-friendly and suitable for hotels, with particular regard to their guests 

• The company's mission is to create and manufacture of cosmetic collections and gift sets with products in small amounts and with modern health care for people and the environment.

• The company works in accordance with the international standards of the European Council Directive 76/768/ЕEC for production, control and storage of cosmetic products

• A diverse range of standard collections with contemporary concepts and possibilities for customisation of products and accessories

• High-quality substances and active ingredients in formulas of the products are carefully selected and are in line with current trends.  Natural active ingredients predominate, and the mini products have modern and sophisticated fragrances.

• The formulas of the products are natural pH and without parabens.


 Klejmove-freshness, energy, hydration, softness, shine, perfumed skin

The collections of shampoos, shower gels, balms and body lotions are directed to unisex audience of any age.

The series are with fine aromas with herbal or fruit focus 

Communication-modern, fresh and vibrant flavors, natural active ingredients and beautiful colors

Packaging-PET bottles, transparent, dark green, dark brown, hot stamping labels, caps

Volumes of packaging-25ml, 30ml, 35 ml

Unique distinctive labels-modern and stylish fonts colors white and black, combined with masterful art ornaments in gold and silver.

The collections are offered as cosmetic sets for time in a small bag with transparentna front or as a gift set in a luxury box.

Being a socially responsible company helps us to embrace big ideas, namely to make our environment a better place to live, to contribute to a sustainable economy, to protect nature and to deal successfully with the challenges of climate change.